Lord of Heroes Tier List Guide | Best Units for PvE and PvP

Lord of Heroes Tier List

Lord of Heroes is a new hero collector RPG from Clover Games that comes with a unique feature – there's no character gacha. Although you can summon gear via gacha system, heroes are unlocked through progressing in the story or purchasing/recruiting them in the Chronicles section using in-game currency. Occasionally you can also sign a contract with one of a few heroes, but you must log in each day or the contract will be void and your selected unit won't join your party. Early on, these contracts required you to log in for 15 days in a row, but eventually this may change. Keep reading to learn our thoughts on what is the Lord of Heroes Tier List after many weeks of playing and gathering info from other gamers all over the world.

Lord of Heroes Tier List | Best Units to Recruit In Early Game

Lord of Heroes Tier List Early Game

To begin with, you should know exactly what kind of hero roles are available. Here is what you can expect:

  • Guardian: A hulking hero ready to make a stand at the frontline.
  • Warrior: A unit capable of soaking up damage and deliver strong attacks.
  • Striker: A nimble hero that deals great damage.
  • Sniper: A hero that deals significant damage to a single enemy or team from afar.
  • Cleric: A priceless support unit that should always be safe from harm.

Considering that Lord of Heroes has no unit gacha to speak of, you should first progress as much as you can. Things will get real when you reach Gallus Empire (East), the eight region in the story mode. In level 8-16 you will face Kartis, a ruthless demigod boasting a respectable 11,300 battle power.

By this time you should have about 10 heroes, which may be the following or close: Fire Zaira, Earth Olivia, Earth Astrid, Water Fram, Fire Mei Ling, Earth Schneider, Light Johan, Dark Mikhail, Water Helga, and Earth Charlotte. Based on this roster, here is the best early game Lord of Heroes party for you:

Charlotte – Cleric

You can't go wrong with Charlotte. Until you get 6,000 crystal stones to recruit Vanessa, the other Cleric unit with amazing healing abilities, Charlotte will do just fine. Promote her to 4-Star as soon as you can and equip her with healing and life gear to get her prepared for every confrontation.

Charlotte's ultimate is a thing of beauty, so use it whenever you feel that the team is facing a strong foe. This ultimate heals all allies and generates a shield that lasts for two turns. It goes without saying that this is a game changer and you should do your best to keep this hero safe from harm.

Zaira – Guardian

Your next best friend is going to be Zaira, preferably the Fire variant. This hulking Guardian unit is as strong as they come and great at AoE damage, so use it to attack various enemies at the same time – this is priceless when it comes to invasions or opponents who are sitting on similar health amounts.

Strength is the name of the game for Zaira, so get her in the front of the formation and watch her hit as hard as Hulk would.

Mikhail – Sniper

Mikhail is the type of Sniper unit that is versatile and multipurpose enough to be a valuable asset in any team. He can focus on a single enemy or use the ultimate to attack all enemies at once, with a big chance of reducing their action gauge. As you should know by now, the rate at which the action gauge fills up, the faster he gets a turn in combat.

You should probably go for a balanced approach with Mikhail's gear set. A nice mix of Life, Surge, and Efficacy is what you should be aiming for.

Helga – Striker

This lancer Striker means more trouble than she may seem at first. You're going to love her for her passives, which increase attack power by 5% and her damage against enemies of a specific element, but her Wild Dance skill is a joy to behold, as she attacks all enemies with a chance to inflict sap damage.

The cherry on top is Helga's ultimate, which is pretty much similar to the aforementioned skill, but way more destructive.

Olivia – Sniper

The last party member is Olivia, a Sniper unit that replaced Fram in my team. Precision gear is her thing, and she will do just fine until you can get Aslan as a replacement. Yes, according to sources playing the Korean version, the very best unit in the game is Aslan; however, he isn't up for grabs as we write this Lord of Heroes tier list for the global version.

As for Olivia, her speed passive increase is relevant, and so his her Flash Bomb skill that hits all enemies. She isn't the most resilient unit, so make sure that your Cleric is keeping an eye out for her health bar.

Lord of Heroes Tier List PvE

Lord of Heroes Tier List PvE

Here is a tier list for the Lord of Heroes SS Tier units in PvE, based on feedback from the Korean version. We're yet to see how this translates into the global version, but you should use it as reference for the heroes that are bound to be the best:

  • Aslan (Earth)
  • Alev (Water)
  • Astrid (Fire)
  • Charlotte (Earth)
  • Dhurahan (Dark)
  • Krom (Fire)
  • Krom (Water)
  • Lairei (Fire)
  • Laphlaes (Earth)
  • Lucilicca (Earth)
  • Lumie (Water)
  • Mei Ling (Light)
  • Nine (Earth)
  • Olivia (Light)
  • Rosanna (Fire)
  • Schneider (Water)
  • Vanessa (Fire)
  • Vanessa (Water)

Lord of Heroes Tier List PvP

Lord of Heroes Tier List PvP

There are slight changes to the tier list when it comes to PvP that only the expert players will be able to take full advantage off. Here are the best Lord of Heroes units for PvP:

  • Alev (Fire)
  • Alev (Water)
  • Aslan (Earth)
  • Joshua (Water)
  • Krom (Fire)
  • Krom (Water)
  • Lairei (Fire)
  • Laphlaes (Earth)
  • Lumie (Water)
  • Mei Ling (Earth)
  • Mikhail (Dark)
  • Nine (Earth)
  • Olivia – Sniper (Light)
  • Schneider (Water)
  • Walther (Earth)


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