Noah’s Heart Phantom Assignment Guide

Noah's Heart Phantom Deploy guide

Phantoms play a huge role in Noah's Heart. These characters are spirits that you can summon and possess, signing a contract with one of them and leaving the other three in your party of four as mercenaries to assist you in battle. But since you can recruit dozens of different Phantoms through the game's gacha, it would be a shame to leave them unattended, save for a few SSR units. So, there's a system that you can – and should – use to put them to work and earn a few more precious rewards. This Noah's Heart Phantom Assignment guide is going to show you how it works.

Noah's Heart Phantom Assignment Guide

Noah's Heart Phantom Assignment Guide

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First and foremost, to deploy Phantoms you need… that's right, Phantoms. Anyone who has played Archosaur's previous MMORPG Dragon Raja and knows the ins-and-outs of Allies should know how this system works. It's not a carbon copy in Noah's Heart, but there are similarities. Let's get to the chase.

So, deploying Phantoms is a passive task that you should perform every single day, because it brings in the rewards. You start with four deploy mission slots and you can unlock up to a total of nine missions as you climb Phantom Assignment levels.

You are shown a few quests that you can engage in, or you can refresh the list if you feel like the time and rewards for your Phantoms isn't worth it. Try to get the high tier Phantom assignments such as SSS, because these may give you diamonds as well. You can refresh the list three times daily for free, with every subsequent refresh costing a few diamonds. There are other mission types as well with various rewards, so unlock them (for example by completing elemental daily missions in Phantom Training) for assorted items and EXP.

But you can't just deploy Phantoms as you wish; you must complete the requirements to start each assignment, usually a set number of Phantoms and their rarity. You may select the exact rarity or a Phantom of superior rarity, but never one below the required tier, but thankfully there's an auto assign option for quicker assignment.

As you can see, summoning Phantoms is crucial for Phantom assignment missions, just one of the many systems where they will be of importance in your adventure. Don't forget to check our other Noah's Heart guides here at for many other tips and walkthroughs, including Adventure Encounter guides.

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