Princess Connect Re: Dive Global Release Date

Princess Connect Re: Dive Global Release Date

First released in Japan and China for a tremendous reception, Princess Connect Re: Dive is a hero collector gacha game for Android and iOS. Developed by Crunchyroll Games in a partnership with Cygames, it is the sequel to Princess Connect!, which ended service in 2016. However, the success of Re: Dive gave birth to an expanded franchise, with the creation of manga and anime series. Nearly three years after its original release in Japan, this anime game is finally launching worldwide in 2021. But what do we know about the Princess Connect Re: Dive Global release date?

What is the Global Princess Connect Re: Dive Launch Date?

Princess Connect Re: Dive Global Release Date

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Crunchyroll Games surely took its time to bring the anime RPG to North America and Europe. The official Princess Connect Re: Dive Global release date is January 19, 2021, so there isn't much waiting to do. The news was revealed on January 14 in the official Facebook page, with the following message: “Only five days to go until we meet, my lord.” So, it seems like the March 1 date displayed on the App Store was a mere placeholder.

The global launch isn't limited to a few regions, quite on the contrary. Princess Connect Re: Dive will be available in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS. This covers pretty much every region that was lacking, seeing that the usual big hitters (Japan, Korea, and China) received the game during 2018. However, Southeast Asia is notably absent, hopefully this will change during the year.

Much of the appeal of Princess Connect Re: Dive lies upon the lovely anime heroines, of which there are more than 50 to choose from. Being a gacha game, this means that you'll have to pull for the best girls, so it's recommended that you take a look at a Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list guide as soon as the game launches, hopefully to get some good hints on who to recruit for your team.

The characters are sadly represented via traditional chibi art style during the battles. Still, you do get to witness some fantastic 2D artwork to illustrate the use of each heroine's ultimate skills. Gameplay consists of leveling up and ascending your team during the main story, but there's also a battle arena PvP mode where you can try your skills against other players' teams.

The Princess Connect Re: Dive download is available for free on Android and iOS.


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