Princess Connect Re: Dive Reroll Guide | Pull for Best Heroines

Princess Connect Re: Dive Reroll Guide

With over 50 beautiful heroines to recruit, you'll be spending some time with Princess Connect Re: Dive (which you may also know as Priconne) until you find your favorites. The action RPG developed by Cygames of Granblue Fantasy and Dragalia Lost fame features charming anime graphics, with plenty of eye-candy thanks to the exclusively female cast. Despite the lack of a Princess Connect Re: Dive coupon code system, gifts will be coming hard and fast through the game's Presents option, so keep an eye out for any rewards. But your main concern when starting the game is probably about summoning the best heroines, because Pecorine may be all cute and starving, but there are other superior characters waiting for you. This Princess Connect Re: Dive Reroll guide will tell you how long you need to play before you have access to the gacha system, and what we advise you to do if you aren't pleased with the outcome.

Princess Connect Re: Dive Reroll Guide and Tips

Princess Connect Re: Dive Reroll Guide Makoto

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The first question that you must ask yourself is if you really must reroll, or if you are happy with the heroines that you got. If you pulled Makoto in your first summon, you are really lucky, because she is surely one of the best characters in the game, if not the best. Other characters that you should look forward to are Maho and Nozomi for the story mode, while PvP is best with Hatsune, Anna, and Io.

Skipping through all the scenes will take you to the Gacha banners in under 10 minutes. Your first step will be to collect every jewel that you can from your missions. But the real treat is the global launch rewards that Crunchyroll Games is offering to every player. To celebrate the English release, you can claim 1,000 jewels, and because over 500,000 players pre-registered, you get another 2,100 jewels.

Now for the Gacha, which is currently separated into Normal (items and shards) and Premium (only characters). Obviously, you should go for the latter, with a 10-pull costing 1,500 gems. If you do the math, you have enough for two 10-pulls without any effort.

And now this is the part where the Princess Connect Re: Dive Reroll guide comes in. Let's say that you're not pleased with the waifus that you got, so it's time for rerolling. This game doesn't make this process easy, so that's why you'll find a few guides online telling you about messing with system root or re-downloading the game, something that isn't recommended due to the sheer size of it. Of course, you could always uninstall the game, install again with the partial install option activated, and use an alternate email, but it would still be a boring task.

Princess Connect Re: Dive Reroll Guide

To reroll, you must first use a Crunchyroll account and Bluestacks Multi-Instance manager to run two instances of Princess Connect Re: Dive. This tutorial will show you how useful it is for gacha games with its cloning function.

Run two instances of Princess Connect Re Dive and after the initial summons in the first instance of the game (again, with the Crunchyroll account), go into the Menu. Tap Account Link and remove your current Crunchyroll account link.

Now you can go to the other instance of the game and tap Data Link. Link to a Crunchyroll Games account, enter your login details, and you have a new link with no player name or player level. Now you must close the previous instance where you already had some data and relaunch the game. Head over to Data Link and once again link to a Crunchyroll Games account, which in fact is the other one with no data but the player ID. This time the Data Link will Transfer Data, overwriting the previous data with a blank account.

With this Princess Connect Re: Dive Reroll guide, you should be rerolling in no time. Personally, I'm pleased with the results of the initial 20x Gacha pull – Makoto was one of the characters -, so if you feel like a reroll isn't necessary, go ahead and enjoy the game. With so many jewels awarded for campaign missions, stories, and more, you'll be summoning new characters at a nice rate.


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