Punishing Gray Raven Character Gift Guide | Best Gifts For Constructs

Punishing Gray Raven Character Gift

Punishing: Gray Raven (play free on PC now) has an affection system that will let you in on some of the characters' darkest secrets, among other things. It won't give you any real buffs, but allows you to become closer with your squad of Constructs and unlock secrets, additional info, new story chapters, and voice files. While the game does a decent job of telling you who likes what the best, it's not entirely clear at times. We don't want you regretting handing over someone's favorite gift instead of saving it for the best character, so check out our Punishing Gray Raven character gift guide and play it safe with the affection ranks.

How to Get Punishing Gray Raven Gifts

Punishing Gray Raven Character Gift

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The first thing that you should know is how to access the character affection screen, because it's not entirely obvious. In the main screen, tap your Construct and a small menu will appear, with the options to swap character, choose coating (outfit system), and Mingle.

Mingle is the affection option, so tap on that and examine the next screen. To the right you have File, Story, and Gifts, and it will be this last tab that matters the most. This screen displays the gift items that you have stored in your inventory, and their only use is to offer them to your characters. Gifts increase Construct's affection level, thus unlocking the extras that we've mentioned above.

You get various types of gifts from the Dorm feature. The Dorm is unlocked after you complete battle 4-2, and it is the little housing system that fans of Honkai Impact 3rd are surely familiar with. To earn different gift tiers, which include Normal Gift Box, Precious Gift Box, and Fine Gift Box items you must complete dormitory events and claim the rewards.

Check the event bubbles that appear over the Constructs' heads and satisfy their requests in order to complete the various missions. From patting a character (which looks more like scrubbing, to be honest) to placing a character on a sofa or bed, there are several demands that need to be fulfilled. Completing daily missions will reward you with the gift boxes, and when you see a character with a triangle over their heads it's a sign that they may have a gift for you – it could be a decor coin, but also a gift box.

There's just one more step to go before giving the presents to your Constructs and raising their affection levels. Head over to your inventory (Items Manage), choose the Material tab, and use every gift box that you find in there. The gifts are random, so you're in for a surprise each time.

Punishing Gray Raven Character Gift Guide | Best Gifts for Each Construct

After unwrapping the gifts, it's time to see the selection that you have in store. From portable consoles to prototype engines, there's a fair bit of diversity, with some gifts aimed at some characters, and other gifts that are less specific. Still, you can offer a gift to anyone you like, but the affection points may suffer in comparison.

You can swap your target Construct by tapping the button on the bottom left corner. If you have a favorite gift for the current character, it will display a little heart above the correspondent gift.

Lucia's Favorite Gift

Frog Accessory

Frog Accessory – A series of dolls produced by a famous toy-maker brand. Poor sales meant that there are very few of them left.

Bianca Favorite Gift

Liliy Brooch gift

Liliy Brooch – The lily represents selflessness and dignity.

Kamui Favorite Gift

Punishing Gray Raven Character Gift Portable Game Console

Portable Game Console – The newest portable game console, perfect for passing the time between missions. Who is behind the anonymous account at the top of the rankings?

Watanabe Favorite Gift

Punishing Gray Raven Character Gift MRE Rations

MRE Rations – Popular ration set that contains a main dish, a side course, and coffee. You may even get rare seasoning such as miso if you are lucky.

Lee Favorite Gift

Precision Toolkit – Toolkit used for the maintenance of electronics.

Liv Favorite Gift

Biosphere – Highly advanced device that holds a self-contained ecosystem, a popular science teaching tool in Babylonia.

Karenina Favorite Gift

Prototype Engine – Simple and powerful, but with a tendency to explode when overloaded – which some people do not see as a flaw

Fine Gift That Everybody Likes

Ration Chocolate – Chocolate bar used as rations by the United Earth military. Has a very long shelf life with a wide variety of flavors. A delicious gift.

1 Day Tour Tickets x2

1 Day Tour Tickets x2 – A pair of bracelet tickets for 2 people to enjoy a day tour of Babylonia, including transport, space observation deck tickets, VIP hologram theater seats, as well as bar and outdoor pool party access.

Common Gift That Everybody Likes

Vynil Record – Specialized teams have been sent to Earth to retrieve the sounds, sights and culture that could not be artificially recreated, resulting in this record of a golden era long gone.


Best-Seller – Serialized manga that has been a best-seller both on a ground and in Babylonia since the last century, depicting the human struggle against the Punishing virus.

We'll add more gifts to this Punishing Gray Raven character gift guide as we find them. If you have discovered other gift items and their favorite – or not – Constructs, let us know in the comments. The Punishing: Gray Raven global closed beta started on May 27, 2021, with the official release planned for mid-July, allowing everyone to play the anticipated action RPG in English.

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