Punishing: Gray Raven versus Genshin Impact – A Valid Comparison?

Punishing: Gray Raven versus Genshin Impact

With the Punishing: Gray Raven global release scheduled for mid-July (play free on PC now), it's normal to see the hype surrounding this game increasing. Some players are prone to jumping into conclusions at the sight of a new and promising game, sometimes setting themselves up for a disappointment. One of the things that we've seen lately is the Punishing: Gray Raven versus Genshin Impact comparison, because every fan of miHoYo's hit game is looking forward to more adventures featuring similar mechanics and style. But do these games have anything in common?

Punishing: Gray Raven vs Genshin Impact

Punishing: Gray Raven vs Genshin Impact

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For those who are new to Punishing: Gray Raven, the truth is that this game has little to no similarities with Genshin Impact. Apart from the fact that you can switch between any character from your team, the games are vastly difference. So that's really a straight no there.

On the other hand, the correct comparison would be Punishing: Gray Raven versus Honkai Impact 3rd, another game from miHoYo. Now this makes complete sense, since both action RPGs offer fast-paced combo-based battles within sci-fi settings (albeit far different in themselves), teams of three characters that can be switched on-the-fly (Constructs for the former and Valkyries for the latter), and even a very similar housing system featuring chibi versions of the main heroes. Oh, and they're both made by Chinese studios.

Honkai Impact 3rd has a few years of content to vouch for it, and remains as a great choice for fans of the genre. On the other hand, Punishing: Gray Raven is starting from scratch, so the global version has quite a lot of catching up to do. If the Chinese version is something to go by, many  playable characters, story chapters, and even crossovers with the likes of NieR Automata are to be expected.

To sum it up, the Punishing: Gray Raven versus Genshin Impact comparison doesn't make much sense. But if we talk about Honkai Impact 3rd, then that hits the sweet spot. Enjoy both games, they are quite a blast for action RPG fans.

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