Rogue Company Error Codes Fix | ‘Unable to Connect to Server’ Code 1000,018,808

Rogue Company Error Codes

Hi-Rez Studios and First Watch Games are working hard on Rogue Company, their new and promising third-person shooter. Recently released in paid Early Access and with the free-to-play launch scheduled for late 2020, fans of the genre are already picking up the game and the reception seems to be warm. However, some Rogue Company error codes are expected to show up occasionally, and so you must be prepared for the eventuality. One of the most common is the ‘Unable to Connect to Server' code 1,00,00,18,808, sometimes described as code 1,000,018,808. What can you do when it pops up?

Rogue Company Error Code 1000018808 Fix

Rogue Company Error Code 1000018808 Fix

This code first appeared when Rogue Company was undergoing scheduled maintenance. One of the examples is this official tweet from July 24 where the team said that “Maintenance will begin as scheduled in 60 minutes.”

Eventually, when players tried to login during maintenance, the Rogue Company error code 1000018808 reared its ugly head and prevented everyone from playing. Don't despair, and keep checking the official Twitter for any updates, or go to the Incident History page to learn the details of the maintenance. Is it scheduled or emergency maintenance, which platforms are affected, when is it completed, and so on, this is the best place to check about the Rogue Company server status.

As you can see, the 1,000,018,808 error code isn't a problem on your end, so all that you can do is sit tight and wait for the servers to be back up. If for some reason the Rogue Company server maintenance is complete and you still can't login, here are a few things that you should do:

  • Reset your internet modem
  • Reboot your computer or console
  • Relaunch Rogue Company

Whenever we find any new Rogue Company error codes, we'll make sure that we try to find a fix for it.

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