Rogue Company Server Status | Am I Unable to Connect to Server?

Rogue Company Server Status

Currently in Early Access or paid closed beta, if you prefer, Rogue Company is very much a work-in-progress. Hi-Rez Studios' new shooter is being worked on, with patches finding their way into the game on a regular basis. So, it's not unusual to find that the Rogue Company servers are down every now and then. What can you do to learn more about the Rogue Company server status and why you're unable to connect to the servers? Keep reading this guide to find out more about it.

Rogue Company Server Status and Maintenance

Rogue Company Server Status

Nowadays, one of the best ways to know if a game is down is by checking the official Twitter page. This is where most developers communicate with the community, warning players about scheduled maintenance or unexpected server downtime.

But Hi-Rez has another place where you can learn about the Rogue Company server status and how long it is going to be before you can play again. This place is the Incident History page, where maintenance reports are posted as things happen, informing players of starting time, completion, time, which platforms are affected, and more. You'll know if it's the PC version that is undergoing maintenance, or if the servers are down for every platform where Rogue Company is available.

Other Hi-Rez Studios' games such as SMITE and Paladins are also available to check in the same Incident History page. If you're a fan of the MOBA and hero shooter, you can follow the server status in the same page.

As you can see, this is a great way to keep track of the Rogue Company server status. Considering the Early Access stage and the free-to-play release planned for later this year, it's likely that many patches, big or small, have to be deployed on the servers, sometimes without warning.

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