Shining Beyond Reroll Guide | How to Reroll for Best Heroes

Shining Beyond Reroll Guide

You don't want to begin your adventure in Shining Beyond without making sure that a strong hero has got your back. This mobile RPG from XII Braves has a summon feature, or gacha as it is widely known, so you'd better make the most of it. We're going to show you how to reroll for the best heroes in this Shining Beyond reroll guide.

Shining Beyond Reroll Guide and Tips

Shining Beyond Reroll Guide

While its too early to go for a Shining Beyond tier list, it's not impossible to discover who are the best characters to shoot for. You have the standard ratings such as S and SR, not to mention the highly desired SSR units.

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The first thing that you must do is log into Shining Beyond. You have different options at your disposal: Google and Facebook account logins. You also have quick play, but it's always better to connect an account in case the game crashes and you lose your progress.

After you complete the tutorial mission inside the dungeon, you get your first free summon. It's just one pull, so don't worry about it, just keep going and follow the rest of the tutorial. Soon you'll be able to claim every reward that you have in your mailbox, so do it right away, especially if you have pre-registered.

There are three types of summons: gems, tickets, and friendship points. The most valuable banners are the ones where you can pull with gems – 300 gems give you one pull, while 2,700 will earn you a 10-pull. If you don't have enough gems yet, play the game for a while and earn more gems – completing trials during the Adventure mode rewards you with gems. Following the Guide Quests is another easy way of amassing a decent number of gems, and Achievements also throw plenty of gems your way.

If you're lucky, you'll get an SSR hero or two, such as Mei Fang and Raegar. But if luck doesn't come your way and you feel the need for a reroll, log out of the game and log in with a different Google or Facebook account. Although you won't be able to enjoy the pre-registration rewards because they're bound to the email that you have used, in about 30 minutes you should get enough gems to go for a 10-pull.

Shining Beyond is available worldwide for Android and iOS.

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