Star Trek Online Klingon Defense Force Guide

Star Trek Online Klingon Defense Force Guide

The Klingons have long had a reputation for bravado and bloodthirstiness, reveling in the joys of battle. This has not changed in the universe of Star Trek Online. Covert action from the Iconians and Undine have soured the alliance between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, plunging the two great powers into war once again.

As players experience the story of Star Trek Online, the dynamics of this relationship shift when the real culprits behind the war are exposed and the Klingons see former enemies actwith honor in the face of the looming Iconian advance.

Ultimately, Klingons, the Federation and even the Romulans set aside past differences to unite the galaxy against the dreaded Iconians. Once that war is over, this new peace endures in the face of newthreats. Klingon players will find themselves battling alongside or against classic Klingon characters such as Worf (Michael Dorn), Martok (J.G. Hertzler), L’Rell (Mary Chieffo), and Gowron (Robert O’Reilly).

The timeline of Star Trek Online introduces dozens of new starships for Klingon captains to pilot. These ships are meant to feel menacing, durable, and designed for battle.

Why Choose Klingon?

The Klingon Empire stands in contrast to the peaceful, diplomatic Federation. Their culture is one of struggle, where a Warrior must earn everything they are given. Sometimes, this leads to bloodthirsty monsters, but other times, the struggle births an honorable warrior like Martok, Worf or L’Rell, one who transcends the brutality of a lesser Klingon to become aforce for justice in the galaxy. Play a Klingon if you want to answer questions with your phaser banks before your words, and negotiate at the point of a Bat’leth. The storyline in Star Trek Onlinetakes its cue from over 50 years ofStar Trektelevision and films, exploring the deep culture and roots of a Klingon warrior. Earn honor for your house, challenge the dishonorable, and even descend into the depths of Grethor itself. Will you write your deeds in the books of history? Only you can decide that.

Klingon Species

Faction Details

  • Formal Name: Klingon Empire
  • Military: Klingon Defense Force
  • Capital: Qo’noS
  • Head of State: Chancellor J’mpok
  • Imperial Subject Species
    • Gorn
    • Klingon
    • Lethean
    • Nausicaan
    • Orion Ferasan
  • Affiliated Species
    • Joined Trill
    • Liberated Borg
    • Talaxian
    • Cardassian

Star Trek Online Klingon Defense Force Guide

Choosing A Ship

Choosing the right ship depends entirely on how you want to seek glory. There are some examples of Klingon ships below, but these are by no means the entirety of the 600+ starships you can Captain in Star Trek Online. Ships can be sorted into three broad categories -Tactical, Science, and Engineering, just like the choices of a Captain’s career. Tactical ships specialize in packing a punch -getting in fast, doing as much damage as possible, and living to fight another day. Science ships are all about the powers you can produce with experimentation. If creating a black hole for your enemies sounds like fun, Science might be for you. Engineering ships are tanky, support ships, focusing on helping their allies while dishing out damage themselves.

Of course, with the number of customization options available to you in Star Trek Online,you are by no means limited, even if you choose a class of ship. A light, tactical ship can still heal and support. A bulky battlecruiser can zip between targets, unleashing a torrent of phaser fire. The possibilities are truly endless, and everyday players of Star Trek Online push the boundaries to new and strange places.

As a Klingon, the one thing your ships will have in common is a cloak. Use it wisely, to strike without warning.

Klingon Ships

Ning’Tao Class Bird of Prey

Birds-of-Prey are small, fast and fill a variety of roles for the Empire. They can be used as scouts, raiders or patrol ships. They're vulnerable when cloaked, but their speed and maneuverability make them hard to hit. Also, the Bridge Officer spaces on a Bird-of-Prey are mostly universal, which makes them more versatile.

The Ning'tao-class Bird-of-Prey offers a significant improvement over the standard Norgh-class Raider. The new Ning'tao-class Refit was built with a split wing design to accommodate its Quad Cannons.

Star Trek Online Klingon Guide Mat’Ha-Class Raptor

The Mat'Ha-class Raptor is the most advanced tactical vessel in the Klingon Defense Force fleet. This starship is designed to have unparalleled forward firepower capable of delivering volleys of devastating torpedo fire at its enemies.

Pegh’Qu Class Light Battlecruiser

The Peghqu' class fills a unique role in the Klingon fleet as it is more sturdy than a Bird-of-Prey,more maneuverable than a Battle Cruiser, and as described above, more flexible than a Raptor. The Battle Cloak gives it another huge advantage normally available only to more maneuverable (and fragile) Raiders on the KDF side, and Romulan Warbirds. It also comes equipped with a prototype Dynamic Tactical System (or DTS).

While the Peghqu's Dynamic Tactical System allows it the same level of versatility as the Chimera-and Daeinos-class vessels on the Federation and Romulan sides, the physical changes it introduces are less dramatic.

Engaging Tactical Mode merely raises two sections on the dorsal and ventral hull, exposing the Disruptor Lotus array. Entering warp and flying through Sector Space shows the Peghqu' extending the length of its warp nacelles slightly, for greater maneuverability at warp.

Mogh-Class Class Battlecruiser

Several teams of engineers have been working on iterations of the Klingon Defense Force's battlecruiser technology. One team, led by Ambassador Worf, developed a smaller, more nimble ship intended to combat enemies who rely on speed as a defense. In honor of his contributions to the project, Ambassador Worf was allowed to name the new starship class. He chose the name “Mogh” in honor of his father, a Klingon warrior who died in the Khitomer massacre of 2346. The Mogh-class Battlecruiser is more offensively focused than the Negh'Var class, but slightly less durable. It was designed with versatility in mind and offers a balance between offense and defense. It features a Dynamic Defense Deployment System (or D.D.D.S.), which is a versatile rapid defense deployment weapon designed specifically for the Mogh Battlecruiser.

Like most Klingon Battlecruisers, the Mogh maintains an aggressive profile, but takes design cues from other recent KDF ships such as the Bortasqu' class and Peghqu'-class Heavy Destroyer. Weapon hardpoints are readily visible on the hull, including a large, distinct weapon point in the center of the ship for the D.D.D.S., and the ship's few windows are secured in recessed niches that are covered up in combat. The Mogh class also comes with a Mogh Ship Material which is shiny and more metallic than other Klingon hull materials.

Antaak-Class Dreadnought

The Antaak, Klothos and Mur'Eq classes are first Klingon-designed vessels classified as Cruisers instead of Battlecruisers, with access to the full suite of cruiser commands and the cruiser Starship Mastery package. The ship is named after Antaak, an outcast Klingon scientist who sacrificed his honor to save the Empire from a deadly viral plague. These actions later earned him posthumous recognition as a savior of the Klingon way of life, restoring his honor.

Bortasqu’ Class Flagship

The Bortasqu'-class Battlecruisers are the largest, most powerful battlecruisers in the Klingon arsenal. Their massive hulls afford them incredible resilience in battle, but they sacrifice turn rate for their bulk. The Bortasqu'-class Command Cruiser comes with a standard cloaking device, but its massive energy signature means the cloak is less effective than it would be on a smaller vessel. The Bortasqu' is designed to take on any foe no matter how powerful, and because of that is designed with versatility in mind.


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