Stella Arcana Adventure Quest Guide | Full Fate Mission Walkthrough

Stella Arcana Adventure Quest Guide

Adventure quests in Stella Arcana are this unique breed of missions that you must solve without the help of auto-play. Solely relying on your wits and a sometimes vague objective description, you set out to earn the great rewards, which include items and experience points. Much like the Dragon Raja tales and anecdotes, it's up to you to make sense of it all and finish these missions. Since we don't want you to wonder about and feel lost, we have created this Stella Arcana Adventure Quest guide to point you in the right direction.

Stella Arcana Adventure Quest Guide and Locations

Stella Arcana Adventure Quest Guide

You can check all the available Adventure Quests (which are known as Fate Quests in the other version of Stella Arcana, namely Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus) in the game by accessing your Adventure Tome. To do so, tap the More button on the right side of the UI and find the book icon. When the book opens, choose the purple Adventure tab and choose your next mission.

However, there is a catch – you must discover the adventure quests one by one before you can try to solve them. Usually this happens by speaking to an NPC after reaching a certain experience level, so you may stumble upon these quests by chance, which is a good thing. But the twist is that beyond the quests having a level requirement, talking to NPCs don't always trigger the hidden adventures. You must try to talk to them in different days, or try to trick the system by changing your game instance.

To change the Stella Arcana game instance, you have to tap the name of the current instance above the mini-map. After your character finishes teleporting, you're ready to give the NPCs another talk to see if the hidden adventure triggers. Keep talking to the required NPC in the same instance and eventually switch instances until you finally get the quest – it may take some patience, but it works.

Since there are several dozen Adventure missions to investigate, this guide is going to grow as we complete and detail additional ones. Some of the tasks are fairly easy and quick, lasting only a few minutes, while others may require more time to complete. In most quests, you just have to press the auto-quest function and this should get you done in little to no time. You must also note that you should try to complete some of the adventure quests in order, because a few NPCs may not be in the expected location until you have completed the previous missions, or even some story missions. The photography adventures are the prime example of this.

Let's get started with the Stella Arcana Adventure Quest Guide. Below you'll find the title and details of each Adventure quest, which will help you trigger the respective quests, along with the solution.

1. Leap of Faith

Quest description: Find Lord Jacques once you reach level 25. He'll tell you a secret about the valley.

Adventure quests don't get more straightforward than this one. You can find Lord Jacques in Steam Valley (-65,-62), on the bottom area of the map where it reads Jacques' Manor. This is where the Cute Little Statue is, along with many NPCs that you surely know by now. Speak to Lord Jacques to hear the secret his secret about the Leap of Faith.

2. Send a Message

Quest description: At level 25, use Leap of Faith to get to Steam Valley and find the guard and see what he has discovered.

Travel to City of Thel and find the Leap of Faith travel mechanic at the bottom of the map, in Port District (-55,-72). Jump into the unknown as you did from the airship at the beginning of the game (the icon appears when you're in the right position). Since the landing spot is random, if you don't land in Steam Valley you must return to City of Thel and jump again. When it works as intended, you land near the guard – talk to him to start the adventure quest. You'll teleport to City of Thel, where you must talk to the Archbishop to end the quest.

3. Pet Partner

Quest description: At level 28, seek out the Maid Daisy. You may be in for a pleasant surprise if she's in a good mood!

Travel to Steam Valley to meet Maid Daisy at the plaza near the Cute Little Statue, at the bottom of the map (-44,-71). Speak to Daisy about a catching a Tapir Mini sprite. Tap the adventure quest on the quest list to go to the area with the Tapir Mini sprites (-26,46) and use the sprite box to catch one creature. The quest ends right away.

4. Delicious Temptation

Quest description: At level 31, seek out York. He may have something he needs your help with.

After triggering the quest by talking to York in Steam Valley (-8,-45), meet Carmen (-64,-46). Give her one gift (“send gifts”) or more if you want to raise your friendship level. That's the end of this short adventure.

5. York's Dream

Quest description: At level 35, go and chat with York. Listen to the story he has to say about Carmen.

Go to Steam Valley and trigger the quest by talking to Farmer York (-8,-45). He'll ask you to gather five mushrooms, so tap the auto-quest button to farm them nearby (45,-43). Find Vitti near the windmill (16,-46) to chat and continue the quest. Return to York and he'll ask you to deliver a letter to Carmen (-64,-46). Back to York once again and now it's time to hunt some rock snails (36,0). Chat with York a couple more times and the adventure is over.

Stella Arcana Adventure Quest Guide Carmen

6. Carmen's Past

Quest description: At level 37, chat with Carmen. Listen to her story from when she was young.

Steam Valley is the place to be, and Carmen is the trigger (-65,-46). After accepting the quest, chat with her and then go pick up six berries (-54,12). Give Carmen the berries and witness her shocked reaction. Talk to her again and go and meet Daisy nearby (-43,-72). Back to Carmen and after a couple of conversations you must go and pick up/fight escargot. Speaking to Carmen again ends the quest.

7. Treasure Map

Quest description: At level 33, take the Treasure Map (S) to Cecilia and find out what she knows about it.

Spam Cecilia in Steam Valley (-58,-43) until she gives you the quest. For this adventure you must own a Treasure Map (S) in your inventory, go use it right after starting the mission. Once your character automatically reaches the digging site and digs the treasure, the adventure ends.

8. Lila

Quest description: Collect five seats that Lila has sat on and Lila will tell you a story.

Meet Lila at Fluoro Forest near the bonfire (23,53). This trigger isn't random, but it requires a full party of five to begin the adventure. Mercenaries won't work, you must have a team of five players that will sit down in each of the five benches. (to be continued)

9. Father and Son

Quest description: At level 40, speak with Zaza. Perhaps he will tell you about your father.

Try to trigger the Father and Son adventure quest by speaking to Zaza in Fluoro Forest (-34,-36). Follow the prompt and gather 10 glowing flower seeds, which you must deliver to Zacariah's Ghost. After more conversation, go hunt a Jade Insect to make Zaza communicate with the dead. After returning it, the adventure is completed.

10. Romeo and Juliet

Quest description: At level 39, speak with Romeo and listen to his romantic tale.

Meet Romeo at Eternity Beach, next to Juliet (). Keep talking to him until the hidden adventure quest triggers. Romeo wants you to gather some red coral, so go find it (press the auto-quest). Deliver the red coral to Romeo and then after a few clicks you should be back in City of Thel. Buy an investigation pack and deliver it to Romeo to complete the quest.

11. Ermie

Quest description: At level 40, find Ermie and persuade him not to get caught in this love story.

Find Ermie in Eternity Beach (21,-54) and talk to him until the adventure triggers. He asks you to find some conch shells, so go destroy 10 enemies nearby. Talk to Ermie a couple of times and the quest ends.

12. Delia

Quest description: At level 42, find Delia and listen to her story about the Shadow Dragon instructor.

Go to Eternity Beach to find Delia at Telandia Tower (-92,-65). Spam the conversation action until the adventure begins. Delia asks you to deliver something to Socrates in City of Thel. He returns the favor by asking you to pick up five dream roses in Steam Valley, which you will promptly deliver to Delia to finish the adventure.

13. Mage's Guess

Quest description: At level 45, find Delia and she should know many of the secrets of the royal family.

Talk to Delia in Eternity Beach (-92,-65). Go find Eve Cassidy in the tower, and then set off to talk to Jennifer Baudie (-59,-83). She asks you to get some octopus juice, which equals to destroying 10 octopus (-46,-47) before returning to her. Back to Eve for more information and the adventure is over.

14. Hungry Small Tapir

Quest description: Use Leap of Faith to go to Coastal Isle on the Eternal Coast and help the hungry Small Tapir.

Use Leap of Faith again in City of Thel (-55,-72) to land on Coastal Isle, where you'll talk to the small tapir. Buy a Sprite Biscuit and give it to him to complete the adventure.

Stella Arcana Adventure Quest Guide Eim

15. Geographic Magazine – Valley Edition

Quest description: Complete Eternal Coast [Side] Kings of the Coast and when you reach level 25, you will pass Eim.

Eim Kamara at Steam Valley is where this adventure quest begins (-56,-66). After talking to him, go to the hot springs and take a photograph (-18,47). Next stop is at the steam geysers, and another photograph as well (41,38). The water windmill is another location ripe for a photo, so go ahead (32,-47). Return to Eim to complete the quest.

16. Geographic Magazine – Forest Edition

Quest description: Complete [Adventure] Geographic Magazine – Valley Edition and when you reach level 28, you will pass Eim.

Find Eim Kamara in Fluoro Forest for another round of photographs (-30,-31). Talk until you trigger and then follow the auto-quest prompts to take a photo of the geyser, Eldritch Isle, and Chopped Forest. Return to Eim to finish.

17. Geographic Magazine – Holy City Edition

Quest description: Complete [Adventure] Geographic Magazine – Forest  Edition and reach level 32, then pass by Eim again.

Go to City of Thel and chat with Eim Kamara (-22,-13). Spam him until the quest triggers. Talk to him again and go take pictures of the Astro Chart and World Tree. Return to Eim and then go to the top of the Spiral Tower to photograph the main tower. Back to Eim once again to deliver the photos and finish the tale.

18. Geographic Magazine – Coast Edition

Quest description: Complete [Adventure] Geographic Magazine – Holy City Edition and when you reach level 38, you will pass Eim.

Go to Eternity Beach and say hi to Eim again (36,32), the times that it takes for the adventure to trigger. The guy really likes to have us do his entire work, but the rewards are nice. It's photo time again, so go photograph the Crossing, the Sea Cave Entrance, and the Tower of Telandia. Back to Eim to deliver the photos and move on.

19. Geographic Magazine – Marsh Edition

Quest description: Complete [Adventure] Geographic Magazine – Coast  Edition and when you reach level 41, you will pass Eim.

So, where could the little bugger be next? In Thunder Swamp, that's where. Find Eim Kamara (-58,24) and pick his brain until he gives you the hidden quest. Talk to him and start photographing the Time Crystal, Tablet, and Ancient Keep Ruins. Deliver the photos to Eim and you're done.

20. Geographic Magazine – Canyon Edition

Quest description: Complete [Adventure] Geographic Magazine – Marsh Edition and when you reach level 51, you will pass Eim.

Another hidden adventure, another round of photography. Eim is in Roaring Gorge (28,-49). However, this adventure requires level 51, so you'd better have a leveled up character.

27. Fantasy Crystal 1

Quest description: While you were extracting, you found a Fantasy Crystal. Look for the people that need it.

Open your Skills menu and go to the Life Skills tab. Choose Extract and begin mining crystals, spending your Energy (I had to mine 160 crystals, but this number may be random). Eventually you'll find a special crystal and a pop-up screen tells you to find the person that needs it. By looking at the character in the screen, you may recognize her as Aisla, the Enchanter in City of Thel. Meet her (17,-17) and talk to her – now you must find some Fluoro essence. Go kill 10 Jade Insects (33,0). Return to City of Thel to give it to Ailsa to finish the adventure.

We'll add more Adventure Quest guides regularly, so keep checking this page.

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