Stella Arcana Class Change Guide | How to Switch Classes?

Stella Arcana Class Change Guide

Being stuck to the same class for the entire duration of a campaign can be boring. Luckily, many games feature awakening systems to evolve your class, or outright a class switch option. Stella Arcana does ask you to choose a starting class, but you can reach a point in the adventure where you get to unlock other classes. This Stella Arcana class change guide will show you how to switch classes and when you can do so.

How to Change Classes in Stella Arcana?

Stella Arcana Class Change guide

Unbeknownst to some, Stella Arcana: Eternal Stars is the global release of Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus. The initial launch under the latter name was exclusive to Southeast Asia regions, but the global version will be available in North America and Europe, among other territories. This means that the process to switch class is the same in both games. So let's see how you can change classes in Stella Arcana.

The main requirement for class change is reaching level 50. Only then you get the option to complete the biography quest to unlock the corresponding class. At level 60, you get the option to add one more class change slot. To start the class change, you must tap on the Backpack icon, choose the Character tab, and finally tap on the Biography quest and hit Go to begin the mission.

This Biography quest can span for two or three days, so you must take this into account. After doing so, you have to go to the NPC guide of your desired class – you can find them in City of Thel, near the travel cannon in the middle of the map.

There are two ways of changing class which involve letters, with different outcomes. If you use a Change Class Order letter, you spend 50,000 silver coins and your sprites and soul stones will not change; however, you will need to get a new set of equipment for the new class. By using the Sha Wei's letter, which is a letter of introduction from Archbishop Sha Wei, you can go for a quick class change to any class and get a quick class change letter for your original class. This process allows you to inherit all of your equipped items, including skill stones, enchantments, and advancement levels. Remember to keep some empty space in your backpack during the class change, because the original class' equipment will be placed there.

We hope that this Stella Arcana class change guide helped you in your search for the most suited class. The Stella Arcana download is available on the Play Store and App Store.

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