Stella Arcana Treasure Chest Location Guide

Stella Arcana Treasure Chest Location Guide

Not everything in Stella Arcana is handed to you on a golden platter. Sometimes you have to fight hard for your loot, including exploring the various regions for valuable treasure chests. There's nothing like a handful of in-game currency and assorted items to get you going. Finding these chests isn't obvious; you may sometimes stumble upon one of them as you roam the land in search of your next quest, but others are somewhat hidden from sight and it takes perseverance to find them. This is where our Stella Arcana treasure chest location guide comes in, pointing you in the right direction and saving you the trouble of searching every nook and cranny.

What Are Stella Arcana Treasure Chests?

Stella Arcana Treasure Chest Location Guide

Just to make it absolutely clear, this isn't about the locations of the treasure map L digging spots. This much is covered in our Stella Arcana Treasure Map (L) guide, so head over there if you have a few of those map items lurking around in your inventory.

On the other hand, if you're looking for all the treasure chests that sit inconspicuously sit in various locations of the world of Stella Arcana: Eternal Stars (known as Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus in other regions, in case you aren't aware), this is the guide to follow.

The Stella Arcana release date is January 6, 2021 for the global version, and one of the first things to do is getting to know the few regions already available. Besides City of Thel, which could be described as the hub for everything related to leveling up your character, purchasing items, or going through the class change process, we have the lands of Eternity Beach, Fluoro Forest, Steam Valley, Flaming Basin, Thunder Swamp, and Roaring Gorge. You may notice the Tir Na Nog area, but this one is under development at the time of writing.

Stella Arcana Treasure Chest Location Guide

Stella Arcana Treasure Chest Location Guide

So, let's begin this Stella Arcana Treasure Chest location guide by listing the coordinates in the various regions. You can see the coordinates in-game by tapping on the mini-map, thus opening up a larger map that features the coordinates at the bottom. You can find the goodies inside the treasure chests like the one that you can see in the image above, labeled Eternal Coast Treasure.

Steam Valley

  • (-20,71) – Top area of the map, near mushrooms
  • (-51,-41) – Near Cecilia
  • (47,61) – Near Steamy Cave portal
  • (53,-62) – Near border of the map
  • (-58,25) – Middle left side of the map
  • (44,-38) – Near stairway and blue plants

Fluoro Forest

  • (26,-38) – Near teleport cannon
  • (-55,12) – Left side of the map, near teleport point
  • (0,-58) – Bottom of the map, near area portal
  • (-7,11) – Next to big flower in the middle of the map
  • (-38,-37) – Near bonfire and Zaza NPC
  • (49,35) – Top right area of the map

Eternity Beach

  • (10,-19) – Near Nemo and Nini NPCs
  • (53,-21) – Near house
  • (13,22) – Near stairs
  • (75,24) – Near farm and windmill
  • (43,37) – Between houses, near Bilo NPC
  • (-56,12) – Close to the Sea Monster's Lair portal
  • (-76,-28) – Near Eve Cassidy NPC
  • (-28,-22) – To the side of the stone statue

Thunder Swamp

  • (49,20) – Near spooky houses on Borderwatch
  • (27,17) – Near stairs, on water
  • (-51,19) – Near Gnaia NPC
  • (-30,-40) – Riverside
  • (24,-36) – Near the river on Stormswamp
  • (11,43) – Between rock formations
  • (-42,-12) – Near rocks, hidden on grass
  • (-19,-59) – Bottom of the map, near river and tree

Roaring Gorge

  • (-15,2) – Burial grounds, close to creature skull
  • (112,-5) – Right side of the map near teleport point
  • (-42,-62) – Near end of train tracks
  • (-79,36) – Near Flaming Basin portal
  • (67,-44) – Near Steam Valley portal
  • (-59,74) – Top left area of the map
  • (25,0) – Near the tail of the creature skeleton

These should be all the treasure chests available at the moment. New regions will be added to the game and by then we'll try to include them here as well. We hope that this Stella Arcana Treasure Chest location guide helped you to score some extra loot.

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