Stella Arcana World Tree Insignia Puzzle Guide

Stella Arcana World Tree Insignia

Despite featuring an auto-quest option, Stella Arcana isn't going to take you by the hand every single time. There is a wealth of puzzles and missions where you must make an effort to succeed, least of these being the party dungeons where auto-combat just isn't going to cut it. You must step up and use your wits and skills to overcome some of the challenges, including puzzles where you have to pay close attention to the details. One of those tasks you with fixing the image displayed on an emblem, something that seemed easier than expected for many players. Hopefully this Stella Arcana World Tree Insignia puzzle guide will prevent you from being stumbled and keep going.

Stella Arcana World Tree Insignia Guide

Stella Arcana World Tree Insignia guide

The Stella Arcana World Tree Insignia quiz tasks you with rotating two layers of the medallion, for the picture within is correctly displayed. The centerpiece is fixed in the right position and is impossible to rotate, so you don't have to worry about it. There is a slight hint (“the roots are facing down”), which while useful, may not be enough in some cases.

Solving this puzzle isn't too taxing, but can be frustrating because not all of the roots line up as initially expected. You can see the solution above and confirm that a few roots aren't lining up exactly as you were hoping for – the roots on the right of the outer piece are pretty much disconnected from the other gear.

Still, this type of puzzle makes for a nice change from the constant grind, requiring observational skills instead of the typical dungeon raid. Other MMORPGs would only benefit from adding varied gameplay mechanisms such as this one.

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