Summoners War: Lost Centuria Release Date | Beta and Global Launch Dates

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Release Date

2021 is promising to be one of the greatest years ever for Summoner War fans. With the original game Sky Arena still enjoying considerable success after its release in 2014, there are two more games under development. The franchise will see its lore and heroes expanded through new games Summoners War: Chronicles and Summoner Wars: Lost Centuria. Both games are coming out to Android and iOS devices, with the former being an MMORPG while the latter is a strategy game. We already know about the expected Chronicles launch date, but what is the Summoners War: Lost Centuria release date?

When is Summoners War: Lost Centuria Coming Out?

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According to a report from August 2020, the Summoners War: Lost Centuria release date is planned for February 2021. While there is no specific mention to regions, we're inclined to believe that Com2uS is going for a global launch for this game and the Summoners War MMORPG. After all, that is precisely what happened with Sky Arena, which benefited from a simultaneous worldwide launch in 2014.

The Lost Centuria release could be just a few months away, seeing that the first global closed beta is happening in November 2020. Sadly, only Android users were able to play, but fret not, as an iOS version is going to be ready for full launch as well.

As for the official Summoners War: Lost Centuria release date, it is set for April 29, 2021. This was revealed in late March, for the excitement of fans of the franchise.

Here are all the dates that you need to know:

  • Summoners War: Lost Centuria closed beta date (Android only): November 21 – 30)
  • Summoners War: Lost Centuria release date: April 29, 2021

Featuring a brand-new style of 8v8 real-time gameplay, Lost Centuria highlights skill and timing as the main qualities of a winning player. You must time your skills perfectly, deciding when to unleash your powers against your opponent: before, during, or after the enemy has used his own skill.

Com2uS also has another game in development, completely unrelated to the Summoners War franchise. The name is Heroes War: Counterattack, and instead of the cartoon fantasy art style of the aforementioned franchise, it opts for a style that is more inclined to anime inspiration.


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