Super Animal Royale Coupon Codes Guide | Redeem Free Cosmetics

Super Animal Royale Coupon Codes

The brutal and ruthless world of battle royale just got a little bit fluffier with the release of Super Animal Royale. A premium game since its late 2018 launch, it is now fully free to play since November 17, 2020. The business mode change is the result of an update that adds things such as a new 32v32 S.A.W vs Rebellion game mode. It already brought in many new players to the game, and who knows if it isn't bound to become the next streamer hit, just like Among Us. What better way to kit your animal than by using the following Super Animal Royale coupon codes?

Super Animal Royale Coupon Codes List

Super Animal Royale Coupon Codes Guide

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries

In the cute, colorful, and bloody world of the top-down 2D battle royale Super Animal Royale, you don't just shoot down and claw your enemies; you can do it in style. For this, you can equip cosmetic items such as caps, masks, shirts, jeans, and more. You can use the promo codes below to get some free gear, but hurry up while they are still valid.

  • LOVE (Baseball Cap (Rainbow), Rainbow Umbrella)
  • SQUIDUP (Squid Hat)
  • NLSS (Red Button Up Shirt, Red Striped Shirt, Jeans Vest, Police Outfit, Velvet Robe, Skull Beanie, Police Hat, Egg Umbrella, Josh Umbrella)
  • HOWLOWEEN (Howl mask)

Cosmetic item coupon codes aren't released at a very frequent rate, so you should grab them as soon as you spot a new one. If you discover a new working code, feel free to let us know about it.

How to Redeem Super Animal Royale Coupon Codes

To redeem a Super Animal Royale coupon code on PC, you must do the following:

  • Run the game
  • In the main menu, hit the Coupon Code button
  • Enter the code

If it was a valid code, you'll receive your new items immediately.


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