TERA Hero Release Date | When is the TERA hero game releasing?

TERA Hero release date

TERA is the gift that keeps on giving, with quite a few mobile spinoffs available. We've lost track of them all, but somewhere down the road there were names such as TERA Origins, TERA M, and TERA Classic, all of them mobile releases for regions such as Korea, China, or Japan. Then there's TERA Frontier, which has been rebranded TERA Hero. This game is about to go live in Korea, so it's natural that the TERA Hero release date is finally out there. When can you expect to play this brand new mobile MMORPG?

TERA Hero release date | When is the TERA Hero download available?

TERA Hero release date

TERA Hero is under development at Red Sahara Studio, which is fully owned by Krafton, previously known as Bluehole. This company is the owner of the TERA IP and is clearly trying to leverage the strength of the franchise while it remains a hot commodity, although there is no word on a fully-fledged PC sequel. There were a few rumors, but nothing ever seemed to materialize.

As for the TERA Hero game release date, it is scheduled for March 5, 2020 for Android and iOS in South Korea. A global release is yet to be announced, but it shouldn't be ruled out just yet.

TERA Hero was crafted using Unreal Engine 4 and is a parallel story to the original game, much like World of Dragon Nest is to Dragon Nest. The purpose of the MMORPG is to be enjoyed with a party of three players, taking on PvE activities and world bosses. However, there is PvP as well, featuring action combat that we're yet to see if it lives up to the standards of the PC game. The story mode will get you to meet and unlock 18 different characters through progress alone, with no gacha in sight.

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