The Fifth Ark Gift Codes List | Free Coupon Rewards (June 2021)

The Fifth Ark Gift Codes

Updated May 31, 2021 | The Fifth Ark is a new game from Youzu, the Chinese studio that you may also know as GT Arcade. It has brought us very successful but not entirely consensual games such as the League of Angels franchise, or the strategy RPG Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming. After various titles in the former series, the most recent one being League of Angels: Heaven's Fury (we have coupon codes for that one as well), a new and very different game is coming. The Fifth Ark is an action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world, with zombies to mow down and heroes to recruit and control. Get your squad up to scratch with the precious help of our The Fifth Ark gift codes list.

The Fifth Ark Gift Codes Guide

The Fifth Ark Gift Codes

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The Fifth Ark entered open beta in September 2020, but it was only made available to a few select countries. It's something of a soft launch, truth be told, and apparently there won't be a wipe before the official worldwide release. So, those who are lucky to live in a region that is allowed to download and play the game can get a headstart.

Besides, having The Fifth Ark coupon codes in the months leading to launch would only make sense if you got to keep your rewards. And that's how we arrived at the codes list below, which you can redeem in-game.

  • WELCOMETOTFA (400x stamps, 5x hero recruit card)

How to Redeem The Fifth Ark Promo Codes

The Fifth Ark Redeem Pack Codes

The Fifth Ark Redeem Pack option isn't available straight away – you must play the game for 15 minutes or so before you can unlock this feature. Nothing big, as anyone used to this kind of gift packs should know by now. The step-by-step instructions below will tell you how and where to redeem your codes.

  • Launch the game and play through the tutorial (skip wherever possible)
  • Complete mission 2-1
  • In the main base screen tap the Benefit icon in the upper right area
  • Choose Pack Redemption on the left
  • Enter your redemption code and tap Redeem

The Fifth Ark Redeem codes aren't case sensitive, so you can enter them either in lower case or capital letters. You will get your redemption pack rewards right away.

You can download The Fifth Ark from the Play Store… assuming you live in a territory where it is available as soft-launch. In case you are reading this following the official launch, the game should be accessible to everyone.


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