V4 MMO Download Size | What is the File Size of Nexon’s MMORPG?

V4 MMO Download Size

In two days, Nexon is going to launch the global version of the V4 MMO. Despite its generic and extremely vague name – which stands for Victory For -, there's an undeniable ambition powering the release of NAT Games' latest MMORPG. With a simultaneous cross-platform release for PC, Android, and iOS, this online fantasy looks great and has enjoyed some success in its homeland South Korea. Soon we'll know if western players will also pick up the game and enjoy it, but one of the things that you should know right now is the V4 MMO download size. What kind of space will you need on PC and mobile?

V4 MMO Download Size for PC, Android, and iOS

V4 MMO Download Size for PC, Android, and iOS

Nexon has revealed the game download size ahead of launch day, so here is what you need:

  • PC: 3.1 GB
  • Android: 1.8 GB
  • iOS: 2.2 GB

All in all, these are reasonable download sizes. However, seasoned MMO players know very well that this kind of game regularly receives content updates, sometimes considerably increasing the overall size. So, make sure that you have more storage or hard disk space left in case an update is just around the corner.

As for the small V4 MMO download size for PC, you should know that it is first and foremost a game for mobile devices. The PC version wasn't so much an afterthought, but it feels like Nexon wanted to provide official support for gamers who wanted to play V4 on PC, instead of resorting to the usual Android emulator. It makes sense, and hopefully the PC version is going to benefit of improved textures, loading times, and an enhanced UI.

As a reminder, the global V4 MMORPG release date is July 23, 2020. You can download the game from the official website when Nexon makes it available.

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