Valorant Competitive Release Date | When is Ranked Coming?

Valorant Competitive Release Date

Since the Valorant closed beta started in early April, many players have learned the ropes in unranked matches and can't wait to get serious. After all, there is only so much fun one can have when your progress isn't being tracked. Although there will be a Valorant closed beta wipe, getting to grips with how the ranked system works is a great incentive to keep players fighting and climbing ranks for as long as they can. Finally, Riot Games has mentioned the Valorant competitive release date, or at least a reasonable timeframe. So, when can you play ranked matches?

Valorant Competitive Release Date | Valorant Ranked Matches

Valorant competitive release date

After the implementation of patch 0.49 in North America and Europe on April 29, Riot Games said that “ranked will be on when everything is stable.” That's a very vague statement, but one day later there was a hotfix patch to address a few issues and revert the headshot sound. Apparently, no one was keen on the new effect, so it's for the best.

But the tweet for the maintenance times of this hotfix also mentioned that ranked is coming: “if all goes well after this… maybe ranked.”

We can conclude that Riot has the Valorant ranked mode release date pretty much pinned down, but they want to make sure that everything goes smoothly with the latest update. Since the Valorant launch is planned for Summer 2020, it's not like there is much waiting to do. As always, we'll keep an eye out for more Valorant news, but you have nothing to lose if you check the game's Twitter account now and then as well.

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