Valorant Prism Collection | How to Get Prism Skins, Bundle and Individual Prices

Valorant Prism Collection

The Valorant store just received a new update today, April 20. Riot Games added a cool new skin set called Prism Collection in Valorant, which you can purchase individually or as a bundle. It looks very cool and is already turning some players' heads because of its stylish finish, capable of turning you into the sensation of the battlefield. Within this guide we're going to show you the items that make up the Valorant Prism Collection, as well as the prices that Riot is asking for them. Are you going to purchase the bundle, or just one specific skin?

Valorant Prism Collection Prices and Names

How to get Valorant Prism Collection

The Prism Collection in Valorant is a stunning set of skins with a blue and purple finish. The glimmer that emanates from the weapons is surely tempting, making it feel like a luxurious product. The Prism Knife is certainly the item that jumps right at you in this collection, at least as a first impression, and is also the more expensive from the pack.

Here is the full Valorant Prism Collection along with the respective prices. You can get the bundle for a total of 6,375 Valorant Points, or VP for short, with an advertised discount of 2,375 at the time of the closed beta. As for the individual item prices, here are they:

  • Prism Melee – 2,550 Valorant Points
  • Prism Ares – 1,275 Valorant Points
  • Prism Phantom – 1,275 Valorant Points
  • Prism Operator – 1,275 Valorant Points
  • Prism Spectre – 1,275 Valorant Points
  • Prism Ghost – 1,275 Valorant Points

Obviously, the prices are subject to change, so you should take them as reference during the Valorant closed beta only. It's unclear if Riot is going to make any significant changes to the pricing, but even if they don't for now, in-game stores are filled to the brim with sales, discounts, and bundles that change the original price.

How to Get the Valorant Prism Collection

The only way to get your hands on the highly-coveted Prism Collection is by purchasing it from the rotating in-game store. The prices are described above, and since the store has a daily rotating system at 8PM ET, you need to be on the lookout for it.

You do have to take into account that you won't keep the items you have purchased during the closed beta, since a character progress wipe is planned when this testing phase reaches the end, but Riot is promising to return the cash that you have spent with a little bit of extra on top of it.

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