Does Warhammer: Odyssey Have Auto Play and Auto Combat?

Warhammer: Odyssey Auto Play

The words “mobile MMORPG” usually bring a lot of fear into the hearts and minds of MMO fans. There's been an undisputed leap in quality for these games during the last few years, but one thing remains unchanged – auto-play. Under the notion that mobile gamers are “busy” and need games that require little interaction, we've been subjected to many missed opportunities. Will Warhammer: Odyssey follow that trend or try to change that stale mindset? So, does Warhammer: Odyssey have auto play and auto combat systems in place?

Warhammer: Odyssey Auto Play System: Yes or No?

Warhammer: Odyssey Auto Play guide

To begin with, there is no auto combat in Warhammer: Odyssey. That much was confirmed by Virtual Realms in one of various comments on YouTube:

“The game will auto-target enemies for you, but you can tap to switch. We have no auto combat features.”

As for auto-play, where your character finishes quests with little to no interaction from your end, that is out of the equation as well:

“The game will not include autoplay. The kind of games we're passionate about making are very much in the classic MMORPG space… Expect a PC like experience on the go.”

We have confirmed that much in our own Warhammer: Odyssey exclusive interview with Community Manager Difinitus. Here is what he had to say about this subject:

“[…] we’re passionate (and a bit nostalgic) to the “old school” MMORPGS we grew up on. Mobile devices have come an incredibly long way and allow us to take those same experiences with us during our busy lives. We feel that auto-play features take away from that experience and it just isn’t as fun to watch the game play for you.”

It sounds like Warhammer: Odyssey could create a bridge between PC and mobile MMORPGs with its lack of auto-play features. We're yet to see if the game design will truly appeal to the old-school gamers among us, as well as fans of the Old World lore, but it sounds promising. The Warhammer: Odyssey launch date is pinned for late January 2021.


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