Warhammer Odyssey Release Date, Soft Launch & More

Warhammer Odyssey Release Date

Developer Virtual Realms is working on a new Warhammer MMORPG for Android and iOS. With Warhammer Odyssey, the team is striving to create a game that respects the famous tabletop series and makes its fans proud. It's not an easy task, but the studio wants to deliver a massively multiplayer online game where players can explore the Old World, with many iconic locations to visit and episodic updates that flesh out the story and introduce new characters. First announced in August 2019, Warhammer Odyssey is getting a global launch during 2021. The question in everyone's mind is:  what is the Warhammer Odyssey release date?

Warhammer Odyssey Soft Launch and Release Date

Warhammer Odyssey Release Date guide

Just as we've said, Warhammer Odyssey is launching in 2021. However, you don't have to wait long into the year, because it is going to be one of the first titles to see a release. The Warhammer Odyssey release date is set for late January 2021, according to a blog post from the dev team. But wait, there's more, so keep reading to know if you can get your hands on the Warhammer MMORPG earlier than that.

By the end of 2020, there was a closed beta that was available only to a few select and lucky players. This beta ended in early December, and right after that a soft launch process, or open beta, is going to start in limited territories. This gradual launch is meant to test server loads and other technical aspects before moving on to a full-blown release.

Besides the technical aspects of the soft launch, Virtual Realms is also using this phase to add more territories and other content to Warhammer Odyssey. This is a tiered approach that the developers see as the best way to benefit gamers, but they also recommend everyone to wait for the MMORPG to reach their region for the best possible experience.

Despite being a mobile-only game, Warhammer Odyssey promises to launch without any kind of auto-play or energy system. We're keen on seeing how it turns out when this title releases by the end of January 2021, and we're surely going to feature more guides about it.

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