What Does Sus, AFK, Vent, and GG mean in Among Us?

What Does Sus AFK mean Among Us

Despite its apparent simplicity and childish looks, Among Us is a game that comes with considerable depth. It is pretty much a tabletop game brought to life on PC and mobile devices as a social MMO, which means that there are some rules for you to learn before fully enjoying its space betrayal antics. It is also a game that requires and advises player interaction, with a chat function where players can vote to kick the impostor out of the spaceship. This means that some vocabulary may be used that you aren't entirely familiar with, so what does Sus, AFK, Vent, and GG mean in Among Us?

What Does Sus Mean in Among Us?

Sus is a slang term that became extremely common when Among Us' popularity skyrocketed. Unlike other terms that you may find in this glossary, it is intrinsically tied to Among Us and it won't be surprising to see it appear in other games of deception in the future.

When a crewmate is saying that other player is Sus, it means that they are suspecting of someone's behavior. Sus is short for suspicious, and it is a word that is usually thrown around every few seconds in the chat room. When a player is called Sus for a real motive, that means the target player could be roaming around the spaceship in a suspicious way, waiting for a chance to jump on other player, or not doing the tasks that the crew must do to win the match.

Naturally, calling other player Sus is a good way of diverting attention from oneself. Don't fall for the trap of voting someone out without a good argument that the Sus player is in fact acting suspicious, because that's exactly what a good impostor will do.

What Does AFK Mean in Among Us?

AFK is a term that has been widely popular in videogames for many years, and Among Us is just another game where it is commonly used. AFK is the acronym for Away From Keyboard, which means that a player has to leave the game for a moment.

While the origin of the term AFK dates from many years ago and started with the rise of online PC gaming. Naturally, you needed to play with a keyboard in order to go away from the keyboard. However, Among Us is available on PC via Steam, but also on Android and iOS, mobile devices that don't come with a keyboard. Still, the term AFK is so ingrained in videogame culture that it is used across all Among Us platforms.

What Does Vent Mean in Among Us?

The meaning of Vent in Among Us is to describe an impostor ability where he accesses a vent opening to quickly move around or hide in the spaceship and sneak up on other players. Impostors are the only characters that can use vents in Among Us, so when you see someone disappearing inside a room with just one exit, this is a dead giveaway that he used a vent to move around and is an impostor without a shadow of doubt.

So, if some trustworthy player says that he saw someone “vent”, then he is calling out that person as the impostor. Obviously, be careful for deception schemes, because Among Us is a game of social deduction and not everything is as straightforward as it may look at first.

What Does GG Mean in Among Us?

Similar to AFK, GG is another word that is commonly used in gaming. It also saw a rise to prominence with the appearance of online gaming, and is used both in cooperative and competitive genres. GG stands for Good Game, a compliment that is often used between players when a match ends.

The acronym was born out of a need to shorten the words, because typing them would invariably end in frustration as the game's match ending screen fades away. So, players decided that GG was a fast and suitable way of appreciating the game, either to thank their teammates or to compliment their rivals for an exciting match.

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