What is a slipstream boost in Mario Kart Tour? How to beat the challenge

What is a slipstream boost in Mario Kart Tour

When Mario Kart Tour released in September 2019, it was praised for its gameplay and fun that already is a staple of the series, but it was also criticized for a greedy monetization system and lack of multiplayer. The latter is finally being solved with the arrival of Mario Kart Tour multiplayer in March 9, 2020. One of the most interesting aspects of this game is the diverse challenges that ask you to perform various tricks and stunts during the race. Since a recurrent challenge tasks you with performing three slipstream boosts in one race, one of the things that players are asking the most is what is a slipstream boost in Mario Kart Tour? We'll tell you what it is and how to perform it so that you don't miss out on those sweet rewards.

What is a slipstream boost in Mario Kart Tour? | How can I execute it?

What is a slipstream boost in Mario Kart Tour

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A slipstream is a technique that is often used in car racing games since the dawn of time, or at least when the technology allowed developers to implement it. While it is mostly seen in simulations, arcade racing games also include it as something that you must master in order to dominate the race.

A slipstream boost in Mario Kart gives you that edge to overtake your rivals. To perform a slipstream boost, you have to drive closely behind any other driver, but be careful as you shouldn't crash into them. If you notice a wind effect and a significant speed increase, then congratulations are in order, you have achieved your goal.

If you are trying to perform the boost as part of a challenge, try to do it right at the start of the race. When many drivers are close together, this gives you more options and eases the challenge.

This is how you perform a slipstream boost in Mario Kart Tour. If you prefer your cartoon racing games on PC or Xbox One and crafted with Unreal Engine 4, keep an eye out for Nexon's Kartrider: Drift.


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