What is the Marvel Realm of Champions Release Date?

Marvel Realm of Champions Release Date December

Following on the colossal success of Marvel Contest of Champions, Kabam is about to release its next game. Once again based on the popular comics franchise, Marvel Realm of Champions brings all the heroes and villains that we know and love. However, it comes with a big twist in the shape of a different setting and theme inspired by the Secret Wars event comic. With a restricted beta test undergoing for a few months, the global launch is finally coming. So, what is the Marvel Realm of Champions release date?

When is Marvel Realm of Champions Coming Out?

Marvel Realm of Champions Release Date December 16

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The official Marvel Realm of Champions release date is December 16, 2020. The reveal comes straight from Kabam in our exclusive interview, leaving no margin for error. Fans of Marvel and arena brawlers will be able to download the game for Android and iOS and test their skills against other players and the AI.

Marvel Realm of Champions is the second game developed by Kabam in the famous comic universe. The first one is the highly successful beat'em up Marvel Contest of Champions, which features nearly 200 playable characters. Inspired by the Secret Wars event comic, Marvel Realm of Champions is an arena brawler with MOBA elements where you enter 3v3 battles against other players or the AI.

The standout feature of Marvel Realm of Champions is the ability to customize your heroes. You can choose the gear and weapon for your hero, creating assorted builds that affect the way that you play, not to mention the different cosmetic looks.

There will be seven Champions at launch, with the Iron Legionnaire being the first one available. In a few minutes you should be able to unlock Hulk, with other heroes such as Storm, Web Warrior (Spider-Man), Black Panther, and Sorcerer Supreme waiting to be unlocked.

The two main game modes are called Stronghold and Arena Conquest. The former is a PvE team-based mode against waves of AI attackers, while the latter is a 3v3 standoff where the first team to destroy the opponent's B.O.D.O.K. wins the match.

Launch content is going to include the following:

  • A New Playable Champion will join Battleworld alongside the current six playable Champions – Iron Legionnaire, Web Warrior, Black Panther, Hulk, Storm, and Sorcerer Supreme
  • Sorcerer Supreme will receive a full new gear set and weapon variant
  • Hulk will receive two new weapon variants
  • Stronghold will receive a new Battle Arena
  • Players will be able to create/join alliances and chats – additional Alliance features will be added post-launch
  • Daily rewards will be given to players who log in each day

To learn more about this game, you can read our Marvel Realm of Champions hands-on impressions and our exclusive interview. You can pre-register at Play Store and App Store.


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