Tears of Themis English Release Date | When is MiHoYo’s Game Coming?

Tears of Themis English Release Date

Talk about a change of style for miHoYo, the Chinese studio that became known by its two amazing action RPGs, Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact. For its next game, Tears of Themis, the team has decided to explore the Otome genre, while sprinkling it with some very interesting detective and courtroom mechanics. Think Ace Attorney meets any dating game and you get a good picture of the new release for Android and iOS. Now that it is going global, curiosity is ramping up and many players – especially female ones – are looking forward to playing it. But what is the Tears of Themis English release date?

What is the Tears of Themis English Release Date?

Tears of Themis English Release Date

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Tears of Themis released in China and Taiwan during 2020 and was well-received by a small but devoted community. Bolstered by the worldwide success of Genshin Impact that turned miHoYo into a household name, the studio decided that it was time to open up their new game to a larger player base. That's why Japan and other territories such as North America and Europe will get to play the game later this year.

When is miHoYo's Tears of Themis global launch coming? It is releasing during the summer in Japan, but the Tears of Themis English release date is  scheduled for July 29, 2021. The solid closed beta that ran from May 8 through May 18 is proof that the official launch is right around the corner.

In case you're wondering how to play Tears of Themis, there isn't a straightforward answer for that before an open beta or the official launch. You should keep an eye on the official website where the game will be available to download as a free-to-play title on Android and iOS.

However, we've joined the very limited closed beta and can share our short first impressions. Far from being solely focused on the romancing part, Tears of Themis takes on aspects of visual novel, detective RPG, and card collecting game to create a diverse mix. Although it would be more challenging and interesting if there weren't any hints during the crime scene investigation part, it remains a very solid game with high production values.

The card battles are clever, although you can resort to the auto-play mode. Called a Debate, two characters expose their arguments using the cards that you have pulled from the gacha, also known as Vision. You build a deck featuring cards of the four Tears of Themis male leads and romantic partners: Luke Pearce, Artem Wing, Vyn Richter, and Marius von Hagen. Showing terrific attention to detail, SR cards are animated and SSR cards almost come to life in a short cinematic.

Tears of Themis comes highly recommended for fans of Ace Attorney and card battlers, and you can easily overlook the romantic aspect of it.

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