What Time is the Fortnite Event Today? | Travis Scott Concert Times

What Time is the Fortnite Event Today

Earlier today, Epic Games teased something for Fortnite on its official Twitter. Naturally, this made many players ask themselves what time is the Fortnite event today, or even if there was any event at all. Now, the cat is out of the bag and we already know what is coming and when, so read this Fortnite guide to find out what was so special in the first place.

What Time is the Fortnite Event Today | Travis Scott Present Astronomical

What Time is the Fortnite Event Today

The Fortnite tweet was plain and simple comprised of an announcement time. It read 12PM ET and was accompanied by a pair of googly eyes, musical notes, and other emojis. This is what made players wonder about some kind of new Fortnite event or content.

Before we get into the details, 12PM EST converts to 5PM BST and 9AM PDT. This means that the reveal is already out there, so let's investigate.

As it turns out, the answer to the question “What Time is the Fortnite Event Today” is a clear one: there is no Fortnite event today. However, Epic Games announced the next event, which is coming in three days. From April 23-25, the Fortnite and Travis Scott Present: Astronomical crossover is happening, with the world premiere of a brand new track from the famed American rapper. Here are the exact times for the Fortnite Travis Scott Astronomical concerts:

  • Friday, Apr 24, 2020, 12 AM GMT+1
  • Friday, Apr 24, 2020, 3 PM GMT+1
  • Saturday, Apr 25, 2020, 5 AM GMT+1
  • Saturday, Apr 25, 2020, 4 PM GMT+1
  • Saturday, Apr 25, 2020, 11 PM GMT+1

So, is there any Fortnite event today? Not really, but on April 23 you should log in to listen to the new track from Travis Scott. Remember to go in about 30 minutes early so that you can save your spot in the Fortnite Travis Scott concert.

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