When is the Valorant Open Beta ? | Is a Valorant Open Beta Planned?

When is the Valorant Open Beta

Riot's 5v5 first-person shooter Valorant is all the rage right now, despite the agonizing lack of closed beta keys. If you're wondering how to enable Twitch drops, there doesn't seem to be a magical recipe for that, with the general consensus being that it is solely up to luck. Failure to score a Valorant closed beta key implies that the only way to try this shooter is to wait for the open beta, something that shouldn't be too far off. It's not the ideal outcome, but for some of you there really isn't an alternative. Oh, and forget about looking for Valorant keys for sale, because Riot is going to ban you. So, when is the Valorant open beta going to start?

When is the Valorant Open Beta Release Date?

When is the Valorant Open Beta

When the Valorant open beta starts, there won't be any barrier of entry. Gamers around the world will be able to play Riot's competitive shooter, increasing the player base and propelling this game to the top of the genre.

Riot hasn't yet announced the next Valorant beta stage. With the ongoing closed beta and all the excitement surrounding the valuable beta keys – and much frustration as well -, this is a time to polish the game and balance the Agents to perfection. Nonetheless, there is also the possibility that there won't be an open beta and Valorant skips straight to its official launch.

We aren't that far from the Valorant launch date, which is planned for Summer 2020. So, this puts the release of the PC shooter somewhere between July and September. While Summer is fast approaching, the few months that are left will be more than enough to run a short open beta.

We'll keep on top of this hot topic and let you know as soon as Riot Games announces the next Valorant beta phase. When that happens, everyone will finally be able to see if Valorant is truly going to be a rival for Overwatch and CS:GO.

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