Open world RPG A3: Still Alive global launch set for next month

A3 Still Alive global launch

Netmarble has revealed the A3: Still Alive global launch date. The new open world mobile MMORPG from the studio that brought us hits such as The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross and Lineage 2 Revolution is releasing worldwide on November 10, 2020.

You can pre-register to download A3: Still Alive on the Play Store and App Store while earning various in-game rewards. The official website is live with a character name reservation event limited to 10,000 players. Enter your desired name and you will receive an A3 Radienne Vanguard Coupon with in-game items worth $100 USD. It comes with the following items:

  • 1000 Blue Diamonds (A3: STILL ALIVE’s premium currency)
  • 500,000 Gold
  • 500,000 Mana Stones
  • 700x Ethers
  • 10x Weapon / Armor Enhancement Stone Chest
  • 10x Accessory Enhancement Stone Chest
  • 30x Megaphones
  • 20x ‘Level 2’ Feathers of Protection

A3 Still Alive global launch

A3: Still Alive mixes two distinct genres such as open world RPGs and battle royale, with up to 30 players fighting for supremacy. Featuring an always-open player versus player environment, you must excel at your hack and slash combat skills in various PvP and PvE modes. You can choose your class from the starting selection that includes Berserker Garion, Archer Tierra, Templar Teon, Wizard Lia, and Assassin Nemes. Powered by the Unity Engine, A3: Still Alive offers great graphics in a vibrant 3D world.

A3: Still Alive pre-registration is now open in 172 countries, and the release date is scheduled for November 10, 2020.

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