There’s a good reason for the absence of Peria Chronicles at G-Star 2017

Peria Chronicles

If you were hoping to see a new build of the anime sandbox MMORPG Peria Chronicles during G-Star 2017, you probably felt disappointed when you noticed the absence of the game from Nexon's line-up.

Why would this happen? Is the game in trouble, or possibly canceled? Don't worry, it's nothing like that. Nexon has revealed that creating a demo build to show Peria Chronicles during this event would take a lot of resources, resources that would have to be taken straight from the main development team and delay the game even further (thanks Steparu). Faced with this decision, Thingsoft and Nexon decided to keep the game out of G-Star 2017 and focus all their efforts on the bigger plan, which apparently includes some kind of Winter milestone. A Closed Beta was mentioned about a year ago, but let's see if that is the real plan or there are new ideas in store.

Nexon is mostly using G-Star 2017 to show its mobile line-up, with a deafening absence from their major PC games, which include Peria Chronicles but also Astellia Online and Project Meta.

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