Aces Wild expansion for TERA goes live today

TERA‘s Aces Wild update was released today in North America, En Masse Entertainment has just revealed. After last May's Secrets & Shadows expansion that brought the Ninja class, Aces Wild adds new content, flight zones and more.

Aces Wild brings the new level 65 dungeon Manglemire, Ace Dungeons for solo players and the new 10v10 PvP battleground called Kumas Royale battleground where everyone is a Kuma. Season 3 of Dreadspire also makes an appearance, the entire region of Arun is now a flight zone and you can count on a cosmetic wardrobe with 72 slots unlocked by default.

TERA currently has over 25 million registered players around the world. You can read more about the Aces Wild update here.

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