Action RPG Hundred Soul from Dragon Nest creator gets a new trailer

Action RPG Hundred Soul

Hundred Soul is a mobile action RPG from developer Hound 13, whose CEO is Jung Sic Park, known as the father of PC MMORPG Dragon Nest.

Hundred Soul is being published by LINE (publisher of Destiny Child) and is getting an official Korean launch via Google Play Store and Apple App Store on January 17. However, the plan is to release the game in other Asian countries with English language support included, so you should be able to download and play Hundred Soul as well.

A pre-registration event for Hundred Soul is now live and will gift players with things such as in-game cash, Novastones and keys, among other items. There's even a contest where you can be entered to win an iPad or a Galaxy Note 9, among other things. For this, you would need to guess the combination that will kill the bosses in the official website.

Hundred Soul is a gorgeous action RPG developed with Unity where you have to take down several bosses using hundreds of equipment pieces. You can play with a follower that is controlled by the AI. Did I already say that it looks gorgeous for a mobile game? 

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