Action RTS mix Savage: Resurrection is now free-to-play

Savage: Resurrection, the remake of the awesome 2003 indie game Savage: The Battle for Newerth has just switched to free-to-play. This mix of action FPS and real-time strategy launched in August 2016 and was moderately received by players, but a month or two later the drop on the playerbase was very accentuated, which usually means the death of any multiplayer-only game such as this one. Its recent peak was little over a couple of dozen players, so the future was bleak.

Developer S2 Games was to blame, in all honesty, as the lack of support – the last update dates from September – apparently turned the game into a deserted wasteland, undermining its interesting melee and shooter combat and strategy elements. We recommend you give it a try as it's far from a bad game and hopefully the playerbase will now grow back to decent numbers.

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