Aeria Games: Bless “developed with Western market in mind”, “cash shop optional”

Bless Online goes free-to-play

Now that Aeria Games has finally confirmed that Bless Online is indeed coming to the west, fans are eagerly waiting for new bits of info about this game. In a short interview with, Jérôme Nguyen Van Long, the Director of Game Launches has said a few things, including that… there's still no timeline for the Bless Online release.

However, Jérôme said that “Bless was developed with the Western market in mind,” and also that “many features that we've had to tweak in other games we've launched are ready to go”, something that would make it look like the launch would be swifter, but there are still other differences between East and West that are being researched. This and, of course, the combat revamp that was announced a while ago.

The interview also touches on the cash shop experience, and Jérôme has this to say about it:

“Facing a paywall to progress on your journey is definitely a terrible experience. We want to have a seamless experience for all players. The cash shop should be optional, only offering convenience and vanity items to the players who use it.”

So, convenience and vanity items. Which to us translates to “boosts and cosmetic items”, with the first being of the usual “pay-to-level-up-faster” kind, which we personally don't mind that much. Business as usual, we would say, but what do you think of it?

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