Age of Wushu is being remade with a new engine

Snail Games definitely has its hands full – besides working on the MOBA King of Wushu (where's the western release anyway?), they have two more MMORPGs in the making: Age of Wushu 2 and Dark and Light (which everything is pointing to being a buy-to-play game). But they have more in the works, it seems, with the latest announcement that the first Age of Wushu is being remade with a new engine.

The name of the new engine remains undisclosed (Unreal Engine 4, perhaps, considering the other two upcoming MMOs?), but the remake is expected to launch in China during the second half of 2017 and current players will be able to transfer their accounts from the original game. Besides making the game look much better with all kinds of up-to-date visual effects such as lighting, water physics and a new cloth physics engine, the gameplay will also be tweaked in some departments, including combat.

The announcement doesn't mention anything about a western release, but 2017 should bring a lot of news from Snail Games.

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