Agents: Biohunters beta canceled due to server issues

Agents: Biohunters beta canceled

We have sad news for everyone hoping to join the Agents: Biohunters beta, which was announced last week and postponed last Sunday.

Those who were expecting an update from Playspark about the new beta date will be disappointed to know that it was canceled. Judging by the frustrated announcement by the devs, this was a tough decision and had to do with the unexpected amount of players that wanted to try the game. This and some server issues contributed to a frustrating false start.

Apparently, the beta was live today for a few minutes, probably only enough for some players to join a match. But one bug that prevented the game to finish – the player score didn't add – was the first sign that something wasn't right. The devs told players to “please enjoy the game for what it is,” but a mass server restart attempting to fix some issues cut the beta short.

Playspark broke the news and apologized for the cancelation, saying that it was “the first ever test of the game on this scale and it's our first game. We hoped that this would work-out for everyone but luck wasn't on our side today.”

Obviously, this isn't down to luck, but some problems are difficult to spot and fix in due time. Now the team hopes that the second beta will be “server-issue-free and with a party system in-place.”

No worries, guys, we'll be here to see how Agents: Biohunters plays during the next beta.


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