Agents: Biohunters beta delayed for an indefinite period

Agents: Biohunters beta

The Agents: Biohunters beta was delayed for an indefinite period, developer Playspark has revealed. Slated to begin today, Sunday 22 at 4PM and running until 10PM UTC, the beta is now postponed.

The announcement comes from the official Agents: Biohunters Discord channel, revealing that the delay is due to issues with the current build:

“Unfortunately, this is not the announcement you wanted. Due to problems with the current Build we're running, there will have to be a slight delay. We can't confidently say how long but it won't be too long! Please, patience is key with this kind of stuff. Hopefully everything goes as planned from here!”

It will probably be a matter of days, but it remains unclear if Playspark will reschedule the Agents: Biohunters beta for the coming days, or if it wants to once again shoot for the weekend.

Agents: Biohunters is a free-to-play third-person hero shooter with PvP and PvE elements. The development team says that early players are comparing it to Overwatch and Monster Hunter, so let's hope that it is at least half as good as those references. That logo sure looks quite a bit like the one from Blizzard's shooter.


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