Agents: Biohunters beta gameplay shows what you missed first time around

Agents: Biohunters beta gameplay

Agents: Biohunters was off to a false start with the failed first closed beta. As some sort of compensation, Playstark decided to show everyone some Agents: Biohunters beta gameplay, featuring footage captured during the brief time that the beta was live and well.

The Agents: Biohunters was to happen on September 22, but several server issues made it go down in flames in around one hour. It was enough for a few players to try the game, but most of them didn't even manage to warm up to it.

The beta video shows Cormac in action, one of the six agents that you get to choose from. With no tricks whatsoever, the footage shows a game with a distinct art style similar to Gigantic, but with less lavish colors.

The gameplay feels a lot like The Cycle, with a vast planet to explore and creatures to fight. It's a mix of PvE and PvP, as players battle each other with the ultimate goal of hunting a huge creature.

Playstark believes that the next Agents: Biohunters beta is taking place in five or six weeks. Let's hope that everything will go smoothly this time.

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