Aion Classic is now available, party like it’s 2009

Aion Classic

Aion is getting a legacy server right now, taking the famous MMORPG back to its good old days, but with various quality of life improvements. Aion Classic is available as free-to-play and with an optional subscription-based model in case you want the best experience. In case you don't remember, Aion launched as a premium MMO before it shifted to a F2P business model.

Starting today, you can play Aion Classic and earn a free week of subscription, so check the official website for details.

By purchasing Siel’s Aura with real money, players will be able to buy recurring subscriptions of 30 or 90 days. Also available to players is a 3-day pass, for those who wish for a more casual approach. The free option for players is available to everyone, but those players will gain experience slower than subscribers.

You can also expect the Daeva Pass, Aion Classic’s battlepass, which provides extra quests and rewards, and its own premium currency, Quna, which can be used to purchase cosmetic and consumable items, account services, and unlock the premium Daeva Pass tier.

Here are some of Aion Classic's features:

  • Subscription-based Model: As in days of yore, Aion Classic will be subscription based. Players can purchase Siel’s Aura, which unlocks full experience gain, and the ability to acquire useful in-game currency and items.
  • Four Player Classes: In Aion Classic, only the original four player classes are available to players – Warrior, Scout, Priest, and Mage. Each class has two unique ascensions.
  • Level 50 Player Cap: Aion Classic features slower progression, dungeons from days gone, and a return to hunting zones of the past. Take to the skies with wings to explore the massive world of Atreia.


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