Aion Heart of Frost update is coming on January 10

Aion Heart of Frost

It's going to get colder in a couple of weeks. There's a new update coming soon to Aion North America and it's called Heart of Frost.

NCSoft isn't spilling the beans on it yet, but has already teased a few of the things that you can expect from it. Heart of Frost has a simple synopsis for now – it tells us that Ereshkigal, also known as the Queen of Ice to her friends and dead enemies, have assembled her forces in the now-icy core of the Abyss, and you have to attack her with the help of your allies.

Right now, we know about three new challenges. The first one is Divine Fortress, where players have to face Ereshkigal's icy army and reclaim the place.

Then you have the Mirash Sanctum, the location where Harvesters continue doing their experiments with Drana and have discovered a way to bring Ereshkigal's fallen troops from the dead.


The final piece of info from this initial announcement concerns the Frozen Monolith, where a resilient guardian is standing in front of a tower said to be connected in some way to Ereshkigal’s influence in the Abyss.


More info should be arriving soon, and we'll definitely keep following this Aion Heart of Frost update.

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