Aion: Legions of War launches today on Android and iOS

Aion Legions War Android iOS

Aion: Legions of War is the first mobile RPG from NCsoft developed with the western market as the focus. It is available starting today from the App Store and Google Play.

Aion: Legions of War isn't an MMORPG like its older brother, Aion, instead taking the shape of a hero collecting RPG. While this isn't particularly original, our first impressions show a game with stunning graphics – for once, the “console quality” claim isn't exaggerated – and an interesting roster of heroes and monsters.

There is PvE, PvP, Guilds, dozens of heroes to unlock and tons of achievements. Give Aion: Legions of War a try if you're a fan of the original or you are looking for a new mobile RPG.


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