Aion’s Echoes of Eternity expansion gets site and lore cinematic

NCsoft has revealed all the details and more about the upcoming Aion update 5.0 Echoes of Eternity in a pretty cool micro-site. That's the place to learn more about the lore of this expansion, to take a glance at the two new zones Iluma and Norsvold, meet the Archdaeva, the two new instances Archives of Eternity and Drakenseer's Lair, check the new gear and weapons. There are plenty of screens and a few videos to keep you busy for a while.

Here is the lore of the expansion and the cinematic right below. Aion's Echoes of Eternity launches July 13, 2016.

“In ancient times, the God Aion imbued powers upon the Archdaeva and 12 Empyrean Lords to save Atreia from the menace of the Balaur. But during peace talks with the Dragon Lords, disaster struck, triggering a cataclysm that nearly destroyed the entire planet. Sacrificing herself, Lady Siel contained the cataclysm and preserved the lands surrounding the shattered tower. Now, journey back to the time-locked lands of Norsvold and Iluma with Aion’s 5.0 expansion to learn about the past and the terrible power that could reignite the cataclysm and threaten the entire existence of Elysea or Asmodae.”


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