Airship combat game Pirates: Allods Online is coming west as Cloud Pirates

About a month ago we revealed that the Allods Team was working on Pirates: Allods Online, a spin-off from the popular Allods Online MMORPG focused on airship combat. It was only for Russia at the time and was about to enter closed beta, so it was in an already advanced stage.

Now, publisher of Skyforge and Revelation Online fame has announced that an English version is in development for North America and Europe, with the name changing from Pirates: Allods Online to Cloud Pirates. This is an action online multiplayer game featuring 10v10 battles and gameplay that isn't too far off from titles such as World of Warships or Dreadnought. You'll obviously be able to upgrade your airship with new weapons and several visual customization options.

Sign-ups are already open at the official Cloud Pirates website and the English reveal trailer is right below.

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