Albion Online sees player base boost in preparation for free-to-play launch

Albion Online F2P launch

We are a few days away from Albion Online's turn into free-to-play territory and developer Sandbox Interactive has shared some details regarding the player base.

Albion Online wasn't doing too bad for itself and the Oberon update brought many players back into the game, judging by the chart below. This happened a few weeks before the free-to-play release, which is planned for April 10, 2019. Some of the improvements brought by the Oberon update are randomized dungeons and a reduced grind to unlock gear, among other things.

Preparations are now in order for the F2P switch, with the possibility of adding a queue system in case the initial numbers of players are too big. In such a case, Premium players will obviously be given priority over free players.


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