Albion Online: Queen update launches soon with hideouts and Elite Dungeons

Albion Online: Queen update

The Albion Online: Queen update is going live on January 20, Sandbox Interactive has revealed. The fantasy sandbox MMORPG that turned free-to-play in April 2019 is growing bigger, with an assortment of features that reinforce its PvP focus.

This Queen update is the largest that the game has ever seen since its launch in July 2017. It is the eighth update and brings several quality-of-life improvements along with the new and reworked features.

Hideouts seem to be the most relevant feature of the Queen update. These underground bases are homes where you can have a guild bank and building spaces, with diligent work leading to upgrades that include a Marketplace, Artifact Forge, and even a Guild Hall.

The Outlands continent was reworked, changing the way that players face in these high-level PvP areas. The best guilds will now battle in the higher-tier zones at the center of the map, while other up-and-coming guilds have to settle for the lower-tier areas at the edge of the continent.

Territories can now be claimed through open-world battles, where large-scale combat is going to determine who owns the pieces of land. Another feature that deserves a mention is the Elite Randomized Dungeons. Aimed at large groups of players, they will face off against the strongest PvE enemies yet in Albion Online: the Avalonian faction. Of course, some cool rewards await those who succeed.

You can check other features coming with the Albion Online: Queen update by heading over to the official page. The release date is January 20, 2020.


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