Albion Online: Summer Alpha begins June 29, new trailer

Albion Online is one of the most interesting sandbox MMORPGs in the making and the aptly-titled developer Sandbox Interactive is taking its time to make sure the game fully realizes all of its potential. In a week, there's another opportunity for players to get into the game, since the Summer Alpha is going to begin June 29 – you'll need to purchase a Legendary or Epic Founder's Pack to join the alpha though, so it's an investment for those who truly believe in the potential of this game. We tried the game in 2014 and could already see how it was shaping up – you can watch our Albion Online first look video to get the idea.

The Summer Alpha brings plenty of improvements since the last alpha ended in February, as well as the addition of features such as Hellgates or Missions. A new trailer was also released, detailing just what Albion Online is all about, and we're quoting here since it sounds appropriate: “a player-driven economy, classless character customization, GvG territorial warfare and cross-platform support.”


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