Albion Online summer alpha is now live for founders

The sandbox MMORPG Albion Online is now on its summer alpha, so this is a great time for fans to see what was added to the game since the previous alpha… if you happen to buy a Legendary or Epic founder's pack, of course. This game is still on very limited access, so you have to spend some cash to join in the fun.

The summer alpha brings new things such as Hellgates (PvE fights against demons as well as 5vs5 PvP battles in hell dungeons), Missions and factions, a bossfight with a creature called “The Earthmother”, and new landscapes (Grasslands, Redwoods, Deadlands).

If you want to know how Albion Online looks and plays, our first look below is still a very good indication of the potential of this game. You can sign up for free here if you want to be warned when the next test phases begin.


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