Albion Online upgrades private islands, adds more customization

Sandbox Interactive is expanding on Albion Online‘s Private Island system, adding different island levels with additional building and farming plots, as well as a broader variety of decorative options for players to give their islands an even more clear identity. This addition was decided after listening to player feedback.

Private Islands in Albion Online are purchasable places where players can build houses and workshops, decorate them and farm. With this upgrade the farming and building plots can be increased through Silver investment, clearing the rubble and other obstructions so that the area is expanded. There are five levels of Private Islands in the works, each providing different customization options for the player to make these habitats truly unique.

The Albion Online closed beta begins in November and will bring a new system of NPCs called Laborers for players to hire for resource collection.

Albion Online is a cross-platform free-to-play medieval sandbox MMO with no class restrictions and it's in development for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android – the official launch is scheduled for Q1 2016. You can watch our latest gameplay video below.


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