Alliance of Valiant Arms is coming back again as AVA: Dog Tag

AVA Dog Tag

Some games just won't stay down. Alliance of Valiant Arms, also known as AVA, is one of those, and will be returning soon to North America and Europe thanks to its developer Redduck.

Rebranded AVA: Dog Tag, the alpha test is scheduled to begin on July 18, 2018 and end on July 22. The studio isn't accepting more applications right now, but you can subscribe at the official website to be warned when the next testing round begins.

AVA has quite a story. First released in North America in 2009 by Ijji, AVA was shut down/transferred to Aeria Games in 2012, where it remained until it was transferred to En Masse Entertainment in 2016. Now, the TERA and Closers publisher has abandoned the game last June, with developer Redduck taking the reins and reviving the game once more. Fourth time's the charm, as no one said ever?

This story reminds us of another shooter that has quite a backstory, and oddly enough, also from developer Redduck: Metro Conflict. First published in North America and Europe by OGPlanet, it shut down in 2016, less than a year after going live. It was then released by developer Redduck as a pay-to-play game for $19.99 (because failed free-to-play games perform well if they have a price tag, right?), only to revert to free-to-play again just two weeks after starting early access. Unsurprisingly, Metro Conflict: The Origin finally shut down last June.

Will AVA: Dog Tag surprise everyone or just become the definition of insanity? We'll see.

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